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21 Th11 2018

Essay 19 : Financial assistance to poor nations

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Many developed countries are giving financial aid to poor countries. However, this hasn’t solved the problem of poverty in these nations and so other types of help are needed. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Developed nations have more money than they need, so they give financial assistance to undeveloped and developing nations. I certainly agree with the view that this financial aid hasn’t solved all the problems plaguing poor countries. However, it has definitely improved the situation in those countries to a certain extent.

Corruption is one of the biggest problems that poor nations face. Even if rich nations give financial aid, the money does not reach the people who need it. Millions of people living in poor countries lack education. They are not even aware of their rights and accept poverty as if it was their birthright. If a nation is to progress, it needs empowered people who are aware of their rights and who have the capability to fight for it.

An honest and efficient administrative system is required for the development of any nation. Corrupt officials and ignorant people who are not aware of their rights have never helped any nation. Unfortunately, developed nations that give the financial assistance cannot do much to improve the government or administrative system present in poor nations. No nation can interfere in another nation’s internal affairs beyond a certain level. So, other than giving financial assistance there is not much that rich nations can do to help poor nations.

To conclude, I certainly agree with the view that foreign aid hasn’t solved the problems of poor countries. However, this does not mean that developed nations should stop giving financial assistance. They should continue to give money but the purpose of giving financial assistance should be the empowerment of people. Eradication of poverty is equally important but as they say teaching a man how to fish is much better than giving him a fish.


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