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5 Th11 2018

Essay 18 : Celebrities and their personal lives

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Some celebrities say that their private lives shouldn’t come under media scrutiny. Other people, however, believe that they should accept it as part of their fame. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Celebrities live under constant media surveillance. Every aspect of their life makes headlines. Some of them certainly enjoy the attention they get; others have problems with it.

Celebrities thrive on the media attention they get. That is exactly what makes them celebrities. No one complains when they are making news for all the right reasons. Even celebrities who guard their personal lives have no problems when the media praises them for their immaculate sense of dressing or their flamboyant lifestyle. They themselves post personal photos on their social profiles. But when the same media lambast them for wearing the wrong outfit or dating the wrong person, they get upset. They get upset when the media publishes their unflattering images.

Just like any other person, celebrities also have a right to privacy. But when you decide to be a celebrity, you are actually agreeing to live under constant media scrutiny and public attention.

There are several benefits to being a celebrity. Celebrities enjoy good popularity. This popularity helps them endorse products and make truckloads of money. They are icons to millions of people. Naturally people want to know about their personal lives and the media satisfy that hunger. This often results in the intrusion of privacy.

To conclude, constant media scrutiny is a byproduct of stardom. A person who enjoys the benefits of being a celebrity must be willing to take the negative aspects as well. In my opinion, celebrities should take this sportingly. By choosing to become a celebrity they themselves have agreed to be in the limelight. So, they should take any intrusion into their personal life as part of their fame.


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