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3 Th10 2018

Essay 11 : Why do people walk less now?

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Health experts say that walking is the best form of exercise; however, people now walk less. What could be the reason for this? What might encourage people to walk longer distance?


A daily walk of 30 minutes is said to be the best exercise. Our grandparents used to walk for miles on end to reach their destination. Today, people walk much less. Many factors are responsible for this.

In the developed world most families have cars. They don’t walk even to the nearest grocery store. In the developing world, too, people are giving up the habit of walking because they have easy access to public transport systems.

We all seek comfort. Walking on foot can be tiring. Needless to say, people prefer to travel by buses or cars whenever they have access to them. Motor vehicles are fast and thus they also help save time. Unfortunately, this habit of using the car or bus has several negative consequences. Most of us now spend hours in the office sitting in front of a computer. Because of this sedentary lifestyle, we have developed many health problems like obesity, diabetes and heart trouble. We can avoid most of these lifestyle diseases by simply walking for 30 minutes a day.

Many people who have given up the habit of walking are unaware of the health problems they face. The government and health workers need to create awareness among the general public about the benefits of walking. People who use a car should park their vehicle farther from their office and take steps instead of the elevator. Children too should be encouraged to walk to school. Once they get used to this habit, they are more likely to stick to it in the future too.

To conclude, lack of time and the need for comfort are the reasons that prevent people from walking. However, most of us will start walking again if we are aware of its health benefits. So, creating awareness is the key. The government and the media can play an important role in this.


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